Mentoring for people

You are committed to a more humane, sustainable future and want to actively create change?

You are looking for ways and possibilities, but too often you come up against inner or outer limitations? Your ideas and initiatives are not quite going forward?

Or you are confronted with a new challenge in your private life that overwhelms you?

You are looking for guidance and support at eye level that is competent, sustainable and designed to meet your needs?


Do you know this hamster Wheel?

You feel somewhat not at home in your own life and ask yourself: what to do?

More than 50% of your potential seems untapped and you feel trapped?

You have a really good project idea, but it just doesn’t take off?

You are increasingly irritable and often feel like you are standing next to yourself?

So, here comes really good news for you:

What you perceive as a blockage or problem today can quickly become an opportunity to implement your personal ideals and values in your daily life! You can use your unique abilities to the fullest!

With LEADERSHIP CYLE - MENTORING FOR PEOPLE - you will see your challenges in a completely new light.

Your personal ideals, your desires and aspirations will finally define your life and you will feel fulfilled and energized.


Who stands behind

Dheera Petra Bauer is a senior expert and mentor for profound change and transformation processes. 

She helps COMMITTED PEOPLE to SUCCESSFULLY apply their personal IDEALS and VALUES in their daily lives with the help of new, highly efficient tools and to use their full potential effectively and highly motivated even in difficult situations.

You will find here:

support and guidance designed to meet your needs

new ways to better understand your situation and the other people in it

more freedom in thinking and acting

co-creative ways of working in workshops and supports cycles

mentoring programs to implement your project

a space in which you experience yourself in a completely new way

Dheera Petra Bauer

bright, empathic, full of energy

Dheera is an open-minded and wise woman. She has been supporting people in development and transformation processes for 25 years, having previously worked successfully as a self-employed civil engineer for 15 years.

forIn 2020, at an age when people are usually looking at the end of their professional lives, she founded LEADERSHIP CYCLE. She has been active in the Presencing Network (Otto Scharmer) for 11 years and traveled to the USA several times to learn the ways of working directly on site. 

Dheera’s extensive experience in different countries on 4 continents strengthened her open mind and an extraordinary ability to empathise. Yet she did not always have it easy. For many years she stood in her own way, but could not recognise this. This led to a deep crisis in which she was forced to deal intensively with her unconscious.

This was the best school for what she gives us today: compassion, encouragement, joy and an extensive practical knowledge in dealing with challenging change processes.

Anna Maggi

creative, courageous and sensitive

Anna is a wonderful colleague who joined Dheera in creating LEADERSHIP CYCLE. Her creativity and extraordinary presence where a gift in the process of bringing LEADERSHIP CYCLE into reality. They worked together intensively for over a year both learning and growing together in it. Now Anna’s focus lies on the development of her own remarkable project: Systemic Sensing. We remain connected and will work together.

Anna lives in Hamburg since 2020. She is a designer and community manager and has been active in the global Presencing Network for 5 years. She did her Masters in Communication Design at the world famous Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. She worked as a successful Community Manager at Impact Hub Florence, connecting people and spaces. She is currently developing an approach to map complex systems using different social arts methods.


How many back and forth thoughts do you still need? If you don't act, who will? Can you actually let this opportunity pass?


You want more clarity, …

… how you can make a decisive contribution to a better future now?

… why you cannot recognize the blockages that prevent you from acting the way you yourself want to act?

… why so much of your energy has been wasted and why the efforts are disproportionate to the results?

… how you can generate transformation and results in a short time that will make you fly and bring you fulfillment?

Then take the opportunity now! 

I warmly invite you to a free orientationtalk, book your appointment now.